Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing it In

     “So what should we do for New Year’s Eve?” asked Trevor at the lunch counter.
     “Let’s hang out at Jay’s Tavern,” said Gary, taking a bite out of his burger. “They have a good house band and give out free champagne at midnight.”
     “Yuck!” Joan crinkled her face in disgust. “There’s no way I’m ringing in the New Year at that filthy dive, and don’t talk with your mouth full. Why don’t we go to my friend Mandy’s house? She’s having a few friends over to watch movies all night long.”
      Gary rolled his eyes. “Boring! I want to have fun, not sit around watching chick flicks with a bunch of sobbing girls.”
     “Well it’s better than hanging out in a room full of drunks,” said Joan.
     “It’s New Year’s Eve,” said Gary. “You’re supposed to be in a room full of drunks. And if you do it right, you’ll be one of them.”
     Joan sighed. “What’s your vote, Trevor? How would you like to spend New Year’s?”
     “I’m glad you asked,” said Trevor. “I’ve done a bit research on various tribal traditions and I think we can pull together an authentic fire ceremony to give a farewell blessing to 2011 and an open-hearted welcome to 2012.”
     “Hmm,” Gary rubbed his chin. “That actually sounds kind of cool.”
     “All we need,” continued Trevor, “Is an unflawed sacrifice. A spotless goat would be ideal, but we can probably find something at the pet store. It’s okay if it doesn’t bleed enough because we’ll have to provide a good amount of our own blood anyway. And we should practice the dance because we’ll have to do it naked for three hours in the moonlight.”
     “You know,” said Joan, “I’ve never really given Jay’s Tavern a fair chance.”
     “Will Mandy have popcorn?” asked Gary.

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