Saturday, January 28, 2012

Job Security

     Brad stood on the tips of his toes, but he still couldn’t reach the ream of paper he needed from the top shelf. He finally gave up and looked around the busy office until he found tall Will standing by the water cooler.
     “Hey Stretch,” said Brad. “How about a little help?”
     Will smiled and followed Brad back to the office supplies, ducking to avoid hitting his head when he passed through the doorway. He snatched the pack of paper off the shelf without effort.
     “Thanks buddy.” Brad ripped open the ream and began reloading a printer. “It sure is a scary with all the layoffs happening around here lately, huh?”
     Will shrugged. “I guess so.”
     Marcie poked her head up from behind a nearby cubicle. “Pssst! Do you guys have any idea who’s next? I think it might be Cheryl from accounting because she’s totally useless. By the way Will, could you hand me another stapler? I’ve lost mine and they’re way out of my reach.”
     “No problem.” Will plucked a stapler off the supply shelf and passed it to her.
     “Cheryl, eh?” said Brad. “She is pretty useless, but I haven’t heard Mr. Jameson call her into his office yet. It seems like every time he meets with someone to discuss their job responsibilities, they end up getting the axe.”
     No sooner did he say the words than Mr. Jameson walked into the room. Brad returned his attention to the printer, Marcie’s head disappeared behind her cubicle and everyone else began looking very busy—everyone except Will, that is. He stood with his hands in his pockets and smiled at the boss.
     Mr. Jameson stopped in front of him and scanned the room. “Good afternoon, everybody.”
     “Good afternoon sir,” said several scattered voices.
     “Ah, Will,” said Mr. Jameson, looking up. “Would you mind stopping by my office later to change a light bulb? I’m sorry to bother you with it again, but it’s such a hassle for the janitor to haul his ladder up here.”
     “Certainly, sir,” said Will. “I could do it right now if you like.”
     “No, I’m afraid I have a couple meetings now. How about after lunch?”
     “No problem, sir.”
     “Excellent.” Mr. Jameson looked around again. “In that case, I’d like to see you, Brad, in my office in five minutes to go over your job evaluation.”
     Brad’s face dropped. “Uh… yes, sir.”
     “Good, good.” Mr. Jameson started to walk away, then stopped and looked back. “And Marcie, could you meet me in about twenty minutes? I’d like to talk to you about your job as well.”
     Marcie, who poked her head up when she heard Brad’s name, nodded and sank back behind her wall as Mr. Jameson walked away. The rest of the office employees let out a sigh of relief.
     As soon as he felt everyone was out of sight, Will went to work grabbing random pieces of office equipment and moving them up to the highest shelves. He also loosened a couple more bulbs in the breakroom and conference room. Then he returned to his desk, confident in his job security.

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