Monday, January 9, 2012


     Lily ran up the steps to her apartment and fumbled with her keys. Her excitement was bubbling and she couldn’t wait to see her roommate.
     Once inside, she threw her purse on the couch and burst into the kitchen where Marla was baking cookies.
     “Marla! You’ll never guess who I just met!” Lily bounced up and down with joy.
     “Oh my god, was it Wayne Newton?” Marla’s eyes grew big and she started bouncing, too.
     “Um… no,” said Lily. “I met the weatherman from Channel 7.”
     “Oh, I see.” Marla stopped bouncing and her face sank.
     “What’s wrong?” asked Lily. “Don’t you remember how we always thought that weatherman was really hot and dreamt of meeting him someday?”
     Marla signed. “Yeah, I remember. That’s great and all… it’s just that you really raised the bar by letting me think you met Wayne Newton.”
     She returned to her cookies and felt melancholy the rest of the day.

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