Saturday, January 21, 2012


     “Time for dinner, Beth!” shouted Thomas as he peeked his head into his sister’s room. “Quit twittering your friends.”
     “I’m not on Twitter, moron,” said Beth from her computer. “I’m feeding my hamster.”
     “What?” Thomas walked up behind her to look over her shoulder.
     On her computer screen, he saw an animated hamster in a digital cage. Beth was using her mouse to drop pellets of food in front of him. When she did, the hamster scurried over and nibbled on them, then lifted his head and looked out of the screen with big brown eyes.
     “Isn’t he adorable?” she asked. “And watch this...”
     Beth clicked on a metal exercise wheel in the cage. The hamster jumped on it and started running.
     “You’ve gotta be kidding.” Thomas rolled his eyes.
     Beth touched the screen with her fingers and pretended to pet the digital rodent. “Aw, I just wish I could touch him for real. I’d cuddle him all day long!”
     “Um, sis… What about your real hamster?” Thomas pointed to a cage on the other side of the room, which contained a live hamster. “Jellybean looks a little neglected. He’s out of water and his habitat needs to be cleaned. And I think he wants some attention.”
     Beth gave a brief glance to Jellybean, who stood with his front legs pressed up against the wall of his cage. He squeaked softly.
     “Oh, he’s okay.” She waved him off and turned her attention back to the screen. “But how darling is this little guy? I think I’ll name him Mr. Peeps. O-M-G, Mr. Peeps is actually drinking water! That’s so cute!”
     Thomas shook his head and started to walk out of the room. “Dinner’s ready,” he said again, but Beth didn’t seem to care. She was busy making kissy faces to her computer.

Enjoy, but don't forget about Jellybean.

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