Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

     “Thanks for inviting me, guys.” Larry walked in carrying a case of beer. “I didn’t know anyone else having a superbowl party.”
     “Don’t mention it.” Ben helped him with the beer. “We’re happy to have company. My brother and I do this every year.”
     “That’s right,” said Justin. “Ben and I have never missed a superbowl, even as kids. Speaking of which, I think it’s about to start.”
     The three men rushed to the living room and took seats in front of the TV, which showed a very expensive Chevy commercial. Larry passed out beers and Justin turned up the volume. When the ad ended, the game came on and announcers prepared for the kickoff.
     “Okay, time for a bathroom break,” said Ben, jumping up.
     “I’m going to check the weather forecast,” said Justin, changing the station.
     Larry almost dropped his beer. “What are you guys doing? The game is just starting!”
     “Oh we’re not really into sports,” said Justin. “But the commercials are awesome.”

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