Sunday, January 1, 2012


     “What are you working on?” asked Cecily as she prepared her breakfast omelet.
     “New year resolutions,” said Frank. He sat at the kitchen table and scribbled across a long sheet of paper, then flipped it over and scribbled some more.
     “That’s quite a long list you’re building.”
     He continued to write. “Sure is, but I’m going to finish each and every one of them.”
     Cecily moved closer and read over his shoulder. “’Buy new socks,’ ‘Replace the light bulb on the porch,’ ‘See the new Batman movie’— those aren’t your most challenging resolutions, Frank. Some of them you already do every day, like ‘Shave in the morning.’”
     “If there’s one thing I learned last year,” he said, “it was that resolutions should be achievable.”
     Cecily shook her head and returned to her omelet. She knew he beat himself up for failing to become the successor to Kim Jong-Il. And he tried so hard.

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