Saturday, January 14, 2012

Forbidden Science

     Dr. Ravensburg sat motionless in his tall chair as he waited for his butler to serve the food. His guest stared at him from across the long oak table. Neither man said a word. Strong gusts of wind could be heard through the large window that spanned the room, along with the occasionally howl of a wolf. Although the evening was still young, an ominous thunderstorm was brewing and dark clouds turned the sky black as night.
     When the food was presented, Dr. Ravensburg dismissed all of the servants with a wave of his hand. He waited until he was alone with his guest before proceeding. The issue that prompted this dinner placed a heavy burden on his mind and he could avoid it no longer. He took a deep breath, then addressed his guest.
     “I have been hesitant to welcome you to my home,” he said, folding his hands together. “The subject matter you have inquired about is, shall we say… delicate.”
     The dinner guest nodded without saying a word.
     “I must confess,” continued Dr. Ravensburg, “I was a bit surprised when I first read your letter. You appeared to be a promising intellectual and I never imagined someone of your stature would pursue such a controversial project. There are many ethical considerations at stake, and my first impression was to dismiss you completely… maybe even report you for crimes against humanity and God. I may still do so, since your area of interest is so utterly forbidden, but I decided I should first give you a chance to explain yourself. So tell me, what is your fascination with the reanimation of dead tissue, Dr. Frankenstein?”
     A bolt of lightning struck, just outside the window. The clap of thunder shook the entire mansion and a blinding flash illuminated the entire room with a pale blue light that seemed to fade away slowly.
     From across the table, Dr. Ravensburg’s dinner guest leaned forward and spoke for the first time since he entered the room.
     “I apologize for making you uncomfortable,” he said, “But I think there has been some kind of misunderstanding. I’m not interested in the reanimation of dead tissue, but in the redemption of debt issue. And my name isn’t Frankenstein, it’s Frank Stein. I run a debt consolidation service across town. I know a medical degree is expensive and I’d like to talk to you about some options we can offer to help pay off your school loans.”
     “Ah… I see.” Dr. Ravensburg let out a heavy sigh. His exciting evening just took a turn for the worse.

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