Thursday, December 29, 2011

Naomi's Star

     “Happy Birthday Naomi!”
     All of her friends clapped when Naomi opened the present. The blue and white shoes were just what she wanted, and they would go great with her cheerleading outfit. Even the tough football players at the party had to admit they looked pretty cool.
     “Thank you everyone. This is the best birthday ever.” Naomi thought she might cry.
     “Actually,” said Scott, pushing his way up to the table where she sat, “you still have one present left.”
     Whispers shot throughout the girls in the room. It was well known that Scott and Naomi liked each other, and the early signs of their romance were in the air.
     “Why Scott, you shouldn’t have.” Naomi blushed as she took the box from his hand.
     She had to restrain herself from ripping it open like an animal. Instead, she carefully and nonchalantly pulled the wrapping paper off the narrow box, as if Scott’s present wasn’t the one she had been waiting for all day. She finally reached the inside and pulled out a frame. It took her a few seconds to interpret what was written on it, but when she did her heart melted.
     “You bought me a star?” Naomi looked up at him with her big green eyes.
     “Sure did,” said Scott, adjusting his letterman jacket. “I had it registered and named after you.”
     “Awww…” said the other guests.
     “Why Scott, this is the sweetest gift anyone has ever given me.” Naomi knew for sure she would cry now. “Do you think we can see it?”
     Scott nodded. “You bet. We’ll need a strong telescope and a clear night, but I have the coordinates. It’s on the edge of a galaxy called NGC-5195.”
     A hush spread across the room. Another guy standing near Scott snickered, but tried to hide his face as he did.
     Naomi set the frame down on the table and pushed it away. “You mean the exceptionally small galaxy NGC-5195? The one that is basically dwarfed by its neighbor, the much larger M51a?”
     “Um… yeah.” Scott began to feel uneasy.
     “I see,” said Naomi. “Well, would anyone like more cake?”
     As she stood to fetch the cake, people began to whisper again. Scott wasn’t certain, but he thought he heard someone mutter the word “cheapskate” under her breath.

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