Thursday, December 8, 2011


     “I can’t believe you’re reading Twilight,” Gary grabbed the book out of Carolyn’s hand.
     “Get over it,” she said, trying to snatch it back. “It’s a good story.”
     Gary held it a few inches out of her reach. “But you used to make fun of it all the time. You used to say the only people who read these books were naïve teenagers who knew nothing about love. Why the sudden change?”
     Carolyn lunged forward and ripped the novel out of his hand. “Listen Gary, you don’t choose Twilight. Twilight chooses you.”
     She held the book close to her heart and walked away. Gary thought about her words as he watched her leave.
    “Twilight chooses you,” he repeated. “Hmm… just like Elvis.”
     From that moment on, Gary had a newfound respect for both Carolyn and the vampire saga.

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