Wednesday, December 7, 2011


     Timmy and Susie were playing on the swings one day, right after watching Aladdin at Susie’s house.
     “Hey Timmy,” asked Susie. “If you had a genie who could grant you any one wish, what would you ask for?”
     Timmy thought about it while he spun himself around in circles, twisting the chains of his swing above his head. “I dunno,” he said. “I guess I’d ask for a Snickers bar.”
     Susie skidded her feet on the ground to stop in mid-swing. “A Snickers bar? You can have anything in the whole world and all you want is a Snickers bar?”
     “Yep.” Timmy continued to twist around, tighter and tighter. “I like Snickers.”
     “That’s stupid, and it’s a waste of a wish!” Susie said. “If I had a wish, I’d be the first woman president.”
     “Hmm,” said Timmy. “I’d be happy with a Snickers bar.” He lifted up his feet and his swing unwound itself, spinning him with it.
     Susie watched him and shook her head. “Dummy,” she said.

     Susie became the first female Vice-President, but she never made it to the Presidency. That failure plagued her life with disappointment until the day she died. Timmy, on the other hand, went on to eat many Snickers bars. They always made him happy.

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