Saturday, December 10, 2011


     Henry and Ivy sat on a wooden fence watching the sun set. The sky turned a brilliant orange color that made everything below it glow. The two young lovebirds soaked up the scene of wide pastures, grazing horses and wild rabbits darting between bushes. The Montana landscape never ceased to amaze either of them, and not a sound could be heard except the wind and a distant train whistle.
     Henry took a deep breath and stretched his arm around the girl he loved, pulling her close. She smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder, wishing this moment would never end. The train whistle blew again.
     “I never told anyone this,” said Henry, “but I’ve had a lifelong dream of jumping on a freight car and riding it to another state like a hobo.”
     “Really?” asked Ivy. “Weren’t you ever afraid of slipping and having your legs cut off by the train wheels?”
     Henry never had that dream again.

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