Friday, January 13, 2012


     Denny was hammering so hard he couldn’t hear Mason climbing over the fence. He didn’t even notice his nosy neighbor until Mason was standing right next to him.
     “What are you doing, Denny?” Mason walked around the project for a better look. “It looks like you’re making something out of an old microwave and air conditioner.”
     “I'm building a time machine.” Denny answered without looking up. He continued to hammer.
     Mason scoffed. “You can’t build a time machine.”
     “Why not?” asked Denny.
     “You just can’t. Now quit wasting time and come help me.” Mason tried to pull Denny away by the shirt, but he wouldn’t budge.
     “What do you need help with?” asked Denny.
     “I’m digging for buried treasure,” said Mason. “You know how they say Old Man Gill buried his gold under a tree somewhere before he died? Well, I think it’s under the big oak tree by the abandoned barn and I’m gonna dig it up. If you help me then I’ll let you keep a gold coin all for yourself.”
     Denny considered the proposition, then shook his head. “Nah, I’m gonna stay here.”
     Mason sighed. “You’re a dummy. You’re stupid time machine will never work and you’re gonna be sorry when you see how rich I’ll get. Don’t come asking me for help when you’re poor the rest of your life.”
     Denny ignored him and went back to work.
     “Dummy,” Mason muttered, then climbed over the fence again and ran off.
     Denny finished his time machine that night. His first priority was to travel back a couple days and dig up Old Man Gill’s gold from under the big oak tree. Then he replaced it with a box containing a stink bomb that would go off when it was opened.
     On his second trip, he rode a stegosaurus.