Monday, January 23, 2012

The Direct Approach

     “Hi Sheri,” said Monica, walking in the open apartment door. “I’m returning your sweater.”
     “Thanks. Just throw it on the chair.” Sheri had her hands full carrying a large speaker across the room.
     “Here, let me help you.” Monica dropped the sweater on the chair and ran over to give her a hand. “Where are you moving the stereo?”
     “Right up against the wall.” Sheri lowered the speaker to the floor and pushed it so that the front of it faced the wall. “Come on. Let’s get the other one.”
     Monica followed her. “Okay, but why there? Don’t you have neighbors in the next apartment?”
     “Exactly.” Sheri crawled under a table to disconnect the cables of the other speaker. “I can hear them watching TV after I go to bed and it keeps me up at night. It’s so inconsiderate! I’ve had enough of it and tonight I’m going to teach them a lesson. They’re going to be hearing Justin Bieber until 2am.”
     “I see,” said Monica, helping her coil the cables. “I can understand how being kept awake must be frustrating for you, but are you sure this is the best approach?”
     “Oh yeah.” Sheri stood up again. “I’ve been dealing with that television for weeks and this is the only option I have left.”
     “Well, I guess you know what you’re doing.” Monica helped her hoist up the second speaker. “What did they say when you talked to them about it?”
     “Talk?” asked Sheri. “Well I haven’t tried that.”
     “You haven’t?” Monica stopped moving. “Sheri, that could save you a lot of trouble.”
     “Nonsense.” Sheri pushed Monica forward from her side. “My father taught me how to handle situations like this. He always said words were a waste of time.”
     Monica let the speaker drop to the ground. “Is this the same father you stopped talking to three years ago because he posted drunk photos of you on Facebook when you forgot his birthday?”
     “Yeah, he’s such a jerk,” said Sheri. “What’s your point?”


  1. I think I have lived next door to Sheri in the past. Either that or someone who loved listening to JB while shagging.

    1. Ha ha. I once lived below a neighbor who used Barry Manilow.