Monday, November 21, 2011

Top That!

     "Wow, that movie was freaky," Trevor said as they walked out of the theater and into the lobby.
     "Do you think there really are people with webbed feet?" asked Joan.
     "Oh, I know there are," said Gary. "I once knew a girl with two webbed toes."
     Trevor took one last slurp out of his soft drink cup before tossing it in a trash can. "That's wild, but I once worked with a guy who had two thumbs on each hand."
     Joan punched him in the shoulder. "He only had two thumbs on one hand, and that's nothing, because I used to play with a girl who was born with her knees backwards."
     "Oh yeah?" Gary held the door open for them. "Well, I once met a guy at a bar with no legs, just feet attached to his torso."
     Trevor jumped in front of them both, blocking their path. "That's nothing! I went to high school with a girl who was born without a head!"
     Gary and Judy stared at him in silence.
     "I didn't know her that well," Trevor continued. "She was really quiet."

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