Saturday, November 5, 2011

Buzz Kill

     "This is a great sign for our new storefront," my manager said. "You have some impressive graphic design skills."
     "Thank you, sir," I replied, trying hard to contain my excitement. I wanted the promotion to Senior Graphic Designer so bad!
     "Yep, it'll sure look good from the street," he continued, still admiring the proof of my sign in his hands. "Only one thing... change the font to Comic Sans."
     I gulped. "Comic Sans?"
     "Yes, that's what it needs," he handed the proof back to me. "Then it will be perfect. You know, because it's a fun, casual font that's easy to read."
     "Comic Sans?" It was all I could say.
     "Yes, Comic Sans," he said. "Then we'll have it constructed to fill the eighty-foot space above the store, and we'll let everyone know it was your work, Senior Graphic Designer."
     He patted me on the back on the back and walked out the door.

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