Saturday, November 12, 2011

They're Grrrrreat!

     If I could be any cereal box character, I think I’d choose Cap’n Crunch because he was always the hero. Whenever the Soggies were about to attack, the Cap’n would swoop in and save the day. Everyone liked having him around, and he always had plenty of his cereal to share. That’s important.
     I sure wouldn’t want to be that Trix rabbit. He was always getting shafted. No matter how hard he tried, the kids just kept taking his favorite cereal away from him. I don’t think that rabbit had much self esteem, and he probably had trouble getting a date. Women wouldn’t think much of you if you couldn’t even give them a cereal that had your picture on the box.
     I’m not saying the only reason I’d want to turn into a cereal box character would be to pick up girls, but if I did happen to wake up as a cartoon then it would be nice to know I’d be able to meet someone.

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